-SOME WAYS TO LEARN ENGLISH(1)- -关于英语的一些学习方法(1)-


For many students , the English learning is very boring to them . But why? Some other ‘s can learn it so well ? First of all ,what you must know the thing is that English is not only a subject ,it is a language. Just like Chinese . Why we have to learn it , the reason is that have a better communication with foreigners and not for English examination. Here are the ways to learn Engilsh.

-The Grammar-

Where does grammar come from ? It is created by people , to learn another language better.Like English , the LEXICAL、the SYNTACTIC & more GRAMMARS .It is important for you to understand English well . But how to study grammars ? By using the Grammar Books ? Do not do that , let it been in your real life . The popular saying is that make English be your second mom language .

Understanding is better than rote learning . But how to acquaint ? I agree with a way ,——role-play . Imagine you are a teacher ,explain the meanings to the ” students”( just yourself ) .Make the knowledge point easiler . Some days past ,you will surely know the grammar.

-The Words-

“No words , no passage .” How to realize this ? If you don’t have enough vocabulary , you will not read any English paeeage easily . Where can get more vocabulary ? Accumulation . How to accumulation ? That depends on you , by different ways . Recite a dictionary is unrealistic .You do not have time ,you do not have energy ,So remember words is a daily mission.